Study Shows KENO 603 Making Positive Impact on Businesses Statewide


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CONCORD, N.H. – A recently released University of New Hampshire Survey Center study reveals 87-percent of KENO 603 retailers report the game is having a positive impact on customers’ overall experience. The survey also showed about 75-percent of retailers agree KENO 603 has brought in new customers and increased their total number of customers, while also encouraging customers to spend more time and money at their business.

The New Hampshire Lottery commissioned a survey by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center to garner insight on how KENO 603 has been received and integrated by businesses. The UNH Survey Center reached out to all licensed KENO 603 retailers and received responses from 105 establishments statewide. The survey was conducted in September and October 2018.

“The survey results match what we have been hearing from establishments over the past year and a half, specifically that KENO 603 is having a positive impact as a business driver, and as a fun, new option for their guests to enjoy,” said Charlie McIntyre, executive director, New Hampshire Lottery. “It is telling that 87-percent of retailers say the game is having a positive impact on the customer experience—which is always our goal. The New Hampshire Lottery continues to work with interested establishments across the state to facilitate the implementation process for KENO 603.”

Additional key findings from the UNH Survey Center KENO 603 survey include:

  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents said the main reason they decided to offer KENO 603 was to increase revenue or their number of customers.

  • More than half of respondents who said their food and beverage revenues have increased since they began offering KENO 603, estimate revenues have increased up to 10-percent as a direct result of KENO 603.

  • Four in five respondents reported no negative impact on their business as a result of offering KENO 603.

  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents said the 8-percent sales commission they receive is fair.

  • Four in five respondents said they are very likely to renew their license and continue offering KENO 603, while nearly all others said they are somewhat likely to do so.

  • More than half of respondents indicated they would be extremely likely to recommend offering KENO 603 to other licensed establishments.

During each KENO 603 game, players choose from one to 12 numbers, and every five minutes (11:05 AM to 1:00 AM) a computer randomly generates and displays 20 winning numbers from 1 to 80 on a television monitor. A player may place a wager from $1 to $25 per game. The more numbers players match, the more they win.

More businesses may soon have the opportunity to offer KENO 603 as voters in 34 towns are expected to vote on KENO 603 during town meetings starting next week. There are more than 200 establishments within those 34 towns that could potentially offer KENO 603, pending approval through the New Hampshire Lottery’s application process.

The legislation establishing KENO 603 as a revenue source for full-day kindergarten was crafted to give individual municipalities the option to allow KENO 603 by placing it on city election ballots or on the warrants of annual town meetings. Between city elections and town meetings over the past year and a half, 66 communities approved KENO 603, which has resulted in more than 160 establishments offering the game statewide.

The following communities will vote on KENO 603 during annual town meetings this spring:





















Waterville Valley













East Kingston

At optimal levels, the New Hampshire Lottery anticipates KENO 603 could generate as much as $9 million in annual net profits. Since KENO 603 launched in December 2017, sales have totaled nearly $25 million. Thus far this fiscal year, sales have surpassed $16 million.

Beginning this year, the state is utilizing revenue generated from KENO 603 to increase funding for full-day kindergarten from $1,800 per student to $2,900 per student. There is no connection between a municipality’s allowance of KENO 603 and its receipt of kindergarten funding. If the school district provides full-day kindergarten, it will receive funding, regardless of whether the municipality allows KENO 603.

To learn more about KENO 603 and to apply to become a retailer, visit here.

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