Northfield Resident Wins $2 Million ‘Granite Giveaway’ Top Prize


CONCORD, N.H. – Northfield resident Stacey Partridge is the New Hampshire Lottery’s newest millionaire as she claimed the last $2 million instant top prize in the “$30 Million Granite Giveaway” scratch game on Wednesday, January 11. Partridge, who bought her ticket at the Park-N-Go Market at 135 Park St. in Northfield, had the option of taking home $66,666 per year for 30 years or a one-time cash payout of $1.35 million. (Prize amounts are estimated before taxes.) The $30 Million Granite Giveaway game costs $25 per ticket.
After seeking legal and financial advice, Partridge selected the one-time cash option. A long-time player, Partridge, 44, has a 16-year-old son and has lived in the Northfield area her entire life. She works for the family construction business and intends to continue working. Her routine is to buy a few scratch tickets and scratch them in her truck in the parking lot. As she scratched that ticket earlier this week, she had to go back inside Park-N-Go Market to make sure she was reading her prize correctly, she said.
“This is what it is all about, seeing a player who enjoys our scratch tickets rewarded with a huge $2 million win,” said Charlie McIntyre, executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery. “This is an exciting moment for the New Hampshire Lottery and we are thrilled to congratulate Stacey Partridge as New Hampshire’s newest millionaire. We wish her all the best!”
“It feels like it’s not quite real yet,” Partridge said. “It probably will not seem real until I check my bank account balance on my phone after the prize money arrives. It’s still so surreal.”
Partridge indicated she has no immediate plans for the prize money, though she mentioned perhaps getting a new dog and paying for training for her horse.
The $30 Million Granite Giveaway game, which boasts more than $30 million in cash prizes, features four chances to win up to $2 million. Players can win three of the four top prizes of $2 million instantly. Partridge won the third and last instant $2 million top prize.
The fourth $2 million winner will be selected through a second-chance drawing open to $30 Million Granite Giveaway players who win and claim the $1,000 or $2,500 prizes from the game. During the second-chance drawing, which will take place during the summer of 2018, players will hope to get lucky and win that final $2 million prize, along with four $10,000 prizes to be awarded during the drawing.
Partridge told New Hampshire Lottery officials she has been successful with the $30 Million Granite Giveaway game. In fact, she collected a $1,000 prize in the Granite Giveaway game just last week at New Hampshire Lottery headquarters. As a $1,000 winner, Partridge will be among the players at the second-chance drawing hoping to be a finalist for a second chance to win the final $2 million top prize.
When the last top prize in a game is claimed, the New Hampshire Lottery removes the game from sale. The New Hampshire Lottery will continue selling $30 Million Granite Giveaway through April 2017, as there are still considerable opportunities to win. As of this week, there were 79 chances to win prizes of $1,000 and $2,500 remaining, 30 more chances to win $10,000, and two more chances to win $50,000 still available—coupled with the $2 million second-chance drawing opportunity. When the game launched, there were a total of 85 prizes of $2,500 and 950 prizes of $1,000.
“This is a unique situation,” McIntyre said. “With $2 million at stake and almost 80 chances still to win $1,000 or $2,500 and to be entered into the second-chance drawing for $2 million, we want to give as many players as possible a chance to win!”
The $30 Million Granite Giveaway game launched in October 2015. The two previous $2 million top prize winners were Thomas Mix of Union in November 2015 and Mark Washburn of Ossipee in April 2016.

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