New Combo Button Combinations!


New Combo Button Combinations! October 29, 2017!
With the end of the NH Hot Lotto game on Saturday October 28, 2017,
the $9 and $11 combo buttons will have the following game array upon purchase:
$9 Combo 
NH Powerball $2
NH Mega Millions $2*
Tri-State Megabucks $2
NH Lucky for Life $2
Tri-State Gimme 5 $1
$11 Combo Plus
NH Powerball with Power Play $3
NH Mega Millions with Megaplier $3*
Tri-State Megabucks $2
NH Lucky for Life $2
Tri-State Gimme 5 $1

The combo buttons are “one stop shopping” for a lottery player. From the main screen on the lottery terminal, you will find both the $9 combo button along with the higher priced, $11 combo button (see graphic above). 
What’s the different between the two? The $11 Combo Plus includes the Power Play feature for Powerball and the Megaplier feature for Mega Millions. 
In one push of the combo button and in one purchase by a player, they can get Easy Pick selections for next drawings for all of the jackpot style games offered by the New Hampshire Lottery. 
*New $2 price point per play as of October 28, 2017.