NH Hot Lotto Announcement


NH Hot Lotto Announcement
After distributing more than $24 million in prizes over the last 14 years to New Hampshire Lottery players, NH Hot Lotto is coming to an end Saturday, October 28, with the game’s final drawing. This will be your last chance to win!
With Hot Lotto ending, the New Hampshire Lottery will be transitioning to a new draw game: $1 Lotto America. While Lotto America will not be available for sale in New Hampshire until February 2018, Lotto America’s first drawing will take place Wednesday, November 15, as the game will be on sale in 13 other lotteries.*
The jackpot prize for Lotto America will start at $2 million.
In the event no one wins the Hot Lotto prize by the final drawing in October 28, any prize funds remaining from the Hot Lotto game would roll forward into the Lotto America game, and the Lotto America jackpot would be increased to $15 million for its first drawing.  
With New Hampshire joining the game in February 2018, New Hampshire’s portion of the Hot Lotto jackpot would not be added to the Lotto America jackpot until the New Hampshire Lottery ticket sales begin.
For more information on Lotto America, click here.
*Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia.