$20 High Roller


Price: $20

Top Prize: 100% of the Jackpot

Overall Odds: 1:2.35

This is a rolling jackpot game with the top prize that increases with each ticket sold!

Roulette: Match any of your bets to the number the roulette ball lands on in any spin, win the corresponding prize shown.

Dice: Match three of a kind in any roll, win the prize shown for that roll. Each roll played separately.

Lucky Chips: Match two like amounts in the chips below, win that prize automatically!

Blackjack: Add the two cards in each hand. If the total for any of your hands is greater than the dealer’s total, win the prize shown for that hand. J, Q, K = 10, A = 11. Each hand played separately.

Have your favorite Lottery Retailer scan this QR code at the lottery terminal or scan it yourself at any vending machine or KENO 603 machine to print this Fast Play Game!